Day 3: Houston, we’ve got a problem

and that problem is…traffic. Even with an early start in one of the country’s largest cities, we still ran into traffic. 


 To be honest, the Special Tactics Airmen probably didn’t help Houston’s traffic flow, but once the drivers raging against at the cause of congestion saw the flying American flag behind two sweating, determined marchers, the honks became less angry and more supportive. 

And that’s been the focus of today…the support of a team. Families waited in the hot sun to cheer and honk for the Airmen quietly march by in Huffman, firefighters lined the road to salute the flag at Atascocita, and when the 104 heat index got a little extreme, the support crew handed out cold towels and a funny story to the marchers twelve miles into their daily march.


Today, the Special Tactics community was reminded this trek is about teamwork…it’s about honoring a fallen comrade and bringing them home. It’s about caring for those who need it, and carrying the legacy for those who can’t any longer. Day three meant the wounds are starting to emerge; ibuProfen, I.Vs and blister kits were strewn across the table as they all patched each other up. Teamwork is using a whole pile of alcohol pads to rub off melted moleskin on a teammate’s back. 

But when people like these Hyatt employees go out of their way to wear red, white and blue ribbons when they checked the Airmen in, you realize that your team isn’t always just the person marching next to you. Your team can be all around you. 


…just like this military mother, with a daughter stationed overseas, who walked a couple miles alongside us. Her daughter couldn’t join, so she asked her parents to find us on the country back roads.  And that’s teamwork: a person who doesn’t know us individually, but knows Us. The Team. The Community. The Support. And who is willing to give up their evening to walk beside a teammate to honor our fallen. 

That’s what this is all about…a team of people who will give of themselves for others.

Now, only 550 miles to go…



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