Marching through good ol’ Texas!!!

Hey everyone!  We started off REALLY early this morning – showtime 0300!  Most of you know military time but that’s 3 a.m. if not! The marchers gathered up at 4:30 a.m. for a small ceremony to talk about the purpose of the march – honoring our fallen Airmen and their sacrifice to our country.  It was great to see how motivated the guys were.  This won’t be an easy march, but that’s the purpose.  And besides, I’m not sure anything that these men do is easy.

Students from the 342nd Training Squadron, which is where these guys start their initial training, marched the first five miles from Medina Annex, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.  These students enter this training with the ultimate goal of becoming a special tactics warrior.  This training makes or breaks them…you’ve got to be strong physically and mentally to survive.

They got to the entrance of Medina and then the first team took over.  They are currently marching through San Antonio and are pretty close to the Alamo.  If you’ve in the area, come say hello!  We’d love to see you and shake your hand!!!

I’ll keep you all posted!  And if you haven’t see it already, go to and check out the video of their memorial push-ups!

More to follow…


9 responses to “Marching through good ol’ Texas!!!

    • Brian, we hope to have the detailed route up soon. You can help by just showing up and giving these guys a high-five! They an always use the community support. We’re having a blast going through Texas…awesome folks!

  1. Our son is a TACP currently serving in Afganistan.This march will be coming through Houston very close to where we live what can we do to support these Airmen? Also is there a detailed map of the route? Thanks Ashford and Mona Beediahram proud parents of a USAF Spec Op’s TACP.
    P.S. May the favor of the Lord be with each and everyone involved in this march as we remember the fallen.

  2. Hey proud parents!!! So great to hear from you and we are equally proud of your son – he’s a great man! TACP’s are incredible! We aren’t actually going through Houston this year. We are going North through Sealy, Aldine, and Atascocita. You’re providing support just by following us on here!

    Thank you!

  3. The Sykes family would like to send our thanks for your patience in allowing kenny sean and adam to walk with you. God Bless You All!!!
    ——- ——–


    — —
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    \ /

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